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Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Men's Ministry



At the current time the men of our church have the opportunity for Bible study through the Men's Sunday School Class.  This Bible Study opportunity meets ever Sunday morning at 9:30 am at the church.


Our Current Bible Study

The Men's Class began a new mini study on April 14, 2019, entitled, Parables of Jesus. This study is designed to us to help us have an understanding of the parables of Jesus and learn how to apply them to our lives.  Check below for an outline of this study.


LESSON 1:     Receiving Mercy (Pharisee & Tax Collector)            Luke 18:9-14  

LESSON 2:     Living Love (The Good Samaritan)                           Luke 10:25-37                                    

LESSON 3:     Recovering the Lost (Lost Sheep)                              Luke 15:1-10                          

LESSON 4:     Welcoming the Repentant (The Prodigal Son)         Luke 15:11-32                                    

LESSON 5:     Being Faithful (The Pounds)                                       Luke 19:11-27

LESSON 6:     Seeking Life's Meaning (The Rich Fool)                    Luke 12:13-21

LESSON 7:     Responding to God's Invitation                                 Luke 13:5-9; Luke 14:15-24                                                                     (Barren Fig Tree & Great Supper)                          

LESSON 8:     Acknowledging Christ's Lordship                              Luke 20:9-19                                                                                                  (Wicked Husbandmen)